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I have been working in several body guarding/escort enterprises as management for the last twenty years and I have thorough knowledge of the true picture of this industry.
It might sound a little blunt but I dare say that ‘reality’ of most of the body guarding enterprises is nothing but a mere “personnel dispatch for light work”.
I have come across companies that brag about “our staff training is the lifeline of our company” or “training comes first before anything else” or “training level is the proof of the company’s reliability level” and the like, despite the fact that they have done only thirty hours of training prescribed by law. How is it possible for any client to entrust an important job to protect its life and property to a company like this?

Let us take an example of recent grave incidents involving random knife attacks actually took place. Despite police presence close to the scene of the crime, the attack ended with tragic results.

To obtain security, unlike the olden days, people choose to pay for it, and once out in the real world, the professionals will make your way.

Such is the reality of security and safety situation we are facing today, we strongly recommend that risk sensitive concerns seriously consider employing a truly professional company like J’z, not such companies as only offering law-prescribed training or only showing off to be ‘tough’ by an impression of martial art they practice, which of course is unworthy for what you would pay.

Tasuo Jitsukawa
CEO, J’z Inc.

Company Profile

Registered Company Name J’z Inc.
Company Address 【Tokyo Headquarter】
  3rd Fl. Takeda Bldg., Ginza 2-11-6, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

【Accounting Center】
  2nd Fl. Epicure Bldg., Osugi 1-20-11, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

【Osaka Branch(Kansai International Air port)】
  1-8-13 6F Takamatsuhigashi, Izumisano-shi Osaka, Japan
Established April, 2006
Paid-up Capital J. Yen 3,000,000.- starting capital
Capital Reserve Yen 10,000,000.
Main Bank Misuho Bank
License No. 30003307 Tokyo Public Safety Commission
Security Liability Insurance Insurance company:
Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Insurance Co., Ltd.
Insurance type:
Liability Insurance for Security Guard Merchants
up to 1,000,000,000 Yen for each bodily injury and up to 1,000,000,000 Yen for each property damage
※The insurance policy is effective only when damages are caused by J’z.
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