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Body Guarding and Escorting

Physical Protection

physical protectionOur well trained and experienced special agent will attend to the physical protection and escorting of the client.
We regard body guarding as being an ultimate risk management.
It is important to accurately identify where and when the risk may arise and to carry out the assigned duties sincerely with full alert. Also important are advance analysis of potential and latent security risks and effective management of total security services.
The management of security service will comprise elements such as speedy grasp of circumstances, adequate risk analysis, good team work, proper risk management and timely reporting under constantly changing scene of the assigned job.
We believe that steady continuation of and reliable job execution in this field of business could lead to the enhancement of security services we provide.

Safety and Security at Concerts

Sasafety and security at Concerts

In carrying out safety services at music concerts, where a large number of general public gathers, the factor we have to take into account is the fact that such audience is an important guest.  They are also important participant in the entertainment activities. This fact should not be neglected.
We would emphasize this point based J’z past experience.
All our staffs to be assigned for this service have worked in this area for more than ten years. Please refer to our track record for more detail. Registered members have free access to these pages.

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VIP Escorting

VIP Escorting

An important aspect of VIP/top executive escorting, we consider, is to protect the public “image” of the client. In other word, it is important to provide the service without putting unnecessary strain or sense of uneasiness on the job performance and daily life of the client.
We ensure that an effective escorting be carried out at all phases of the service, be it whether in public or private, taking the circumstances into full consideration.
We strive to professionally train our staffs so that our service will be fully satisfactory to our valued VIP/top executives. Our staffs are well qualified to communicate in foreign languages and are sophisticated in behavior and etiquette.

VIP Access