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Training of Staffs

Training of Staffs

There is no other area of service business than body guarding/escorting that requires extensive staff training. In order to protect the life and property of the client, all the staffs engaged in the service should be ‘professionals’ to the true sense of the word.
Equally important is the ability among the staffs to coordinate their activities with high standard of service.
We are proud that all J’z staffs are professionals specialized in body guarding/escorting service.
The staffs are trained to engage in physical fighting against possible gun or knife attack. They are also able to cope with villains and attackers. They are trained how to coordinate their activities when engaged in body guarding by a multiple personnel.
Only the qualified and well experienced staffs will be attending to the client.

The nature of our body guarding business dictates that there is no such word as ‘sufficient’ in training of staff.
We need to keep on developing the expertise of our staff by letting them experience more from job execution.
Believing that our strenuous and continued efforts are the only way to enhance our quality of service, we devote ourselves in training of our staff.

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